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Scenario-based Education

IMG_3590Mind Over Matter has created, developed and implemented over one hundred scenario – based learning activities. These are provided in a range of permutation from a half-day tabletop to a two-day exercise. They are focused either on bespoke organisational issues or in the case of the “High Performance Programmes” on key situational aspects including a grand prix incident, a kidnapping and a sea based challenge.

In the scenarios participants deal with a range of real time challenges and relate them back to their own workplace creating and implementing solutions by developing a range of skills and attributes.
As well as this, psychological profiling, motor skills testing, team development and leadership activities may be used to support clients in the development of their management or leadership teams. There are a large range of MOM scenarios readily available (these are made bespoke in line with the client needs) and these are always very well received by clients.

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