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Railway Stations, Airports & Transport Hubs

transportOne of our newest and most dynamic areas is the support of transport hubs with the development and testing of crowd management plans. Our consultants work on the delivery of reports focusing on the efficacy of the plans and provide support services including tabletop exercises, plan testing and immersive learning activities in real time.

One of the present projects, which MOM is involved in relates to the testing of crowd management plans and reviewing crowd management protocols for major transport hubs. This has come about owing to two things. Firstly a rise in passenger numbers utilising transport hubs and secondly the increasing number of events reliant on such hubs. This means an extra throughput of people to and from these areas and often means that past protocols and plans are not durable enough to cope with such a high increase in the influx of people at certain times of the day, especially if the influx is well above the capacities intended for such hubs. MOM is helping to solve these issues.

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